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Comix is a psycho-rabbit who has been blessed or cursed with being the author's favorite creation. He was created to be so unpredictable that he is no longer under author's complete control. Comix is the only character in an imaginary world who is aware of his role and the people around him - consequentally, all of the other characters believe him to be insane. Comix' knowledge causes him endless grief, as he causes grief for the other characters - the borderline between insanity and genius is only a hair's breadth after all.

While the strip is named after Comix the rabbit, he is by no means the main character. Numberous other characters inhabit this place and you'll meet them in due time, how they'll react when Comix tries to explain his theories might be a little less straight forward however.

Kat Nicholson

Is an 19 year old animation student, born and rasied in the UK. Virtual Comix has been online for over a year now, and I'm pleased with how far the strip has come. - Pleased even further that anyone reads it regularly. I first created Comix (the character) at the end of summer 2001, but since then his life has developed into a highly complex tale in my mind - it's a shame it takes me so long to get it onto the net. This comic is as much an attempt to better my own skills as much as it is a chance for me to show off the skills I've learnt already. If you have any suggestions about the characters, technique, storyline or the site it'self please let me know - I can't get better unless I know what I'm doing wrong



On other notes... I'm into drawing and art of most types, and music such as the offspring, the eels, the red hot chilli peppers and such. If you want to know anymore about me and what I do, you can check out;
and and if they don't give you a big enough Kat-fix, you're probably looking at a restraining order

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