How old are you?
Don't you people read? - as it says in the info page, I'm 19 years old. Birthday, 06.05.1983. sheesh ;)

How long have you been drawing?
eh... well I'm 19 years old, and I've been drawing for as long as I can remember - if you work on the basis that one if capable of making a mark with a wax crayon at the ago of about 18 months onwards... that's the best part of 16 and a half years. \:]

How long does it take you to make a strip?
Well... that's a tricky one, because I'll normally draw a lot then scan them all in, and colour one a week in time for the Monday update - the drawing doesn't take long compared to the colouring. I guess if it takes an hour to draw and ink a 3 panel comic, it takes about 4 - 6 hours to colour it - depending on the background detail. I still haven't settled on a style I'm happy with for your information - so some strips take a hell of a lot longer.

Why do a "furry" web comic?
I've been asked this a couple of times, and it's quite a confusing subject for me, because the term "furry" only came into existance once I gained access to the internet - I was drawing talking animal characters way before then and thought I was being oh so original I guess Virtual Comix was my attempt to "pull together" some of those random "furry" characters into some world where they all existed together... but of course we all know this is just a comic. I still haven't come to grips why the Furry theme is so popular, perhaps I'll write a thesis on it one day ;) - anyone interseted in helping?

Why a rabbit?
Well believe it or not, I was in a garden center when it occured to me to create Comix, I was looking at these cute little garden ornaments of stone lopp-eared bunnies and came to the conclusion that if I ever bought a house rabbit (like one my father once had... "Spliff" it's name was, and it was a bit of a mad beast) it would be a lop-ear, and I would call it Comix. The seed of a new character in my head formed, and believe it or not, Comix did start out looking cute (with a sinister "dark-side"), but as I drew more and more of him he took over... I don't have any control over him these days >.< I guess I'm chashin' in on the speicies a little too - bunny's aren't always crazy...

I want to draw one of the Virtual Comix - is that alright?
Certainly! - Go right ahead. There are just three things I will ask you to keep in mind, 1) These are my characters, if you plan on displaying these drawings publically then I expect the characters to be credited to me, even thought the artwork is your own. 2) Please click here to see descriptions on each character. And 3) Please let me see what you do! There's nothing I like more than seeing other people's inturpretations of my characters, and if you like, your work can be posted on the fan art gallery here. So if you have any fan art, or further questions email me.

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