Name: Comix (the rabbit)
Description: Psycho hoze-beast lopp-eared-bunny... a tragic accident in Comix' distant past has lead him to live and isolated life, where only he can keep himself sane... and quite frankly he isn't very good at it. He knows he's part of a comic... but then he is also certifyably insane.

Name: Lupus (Wolf)
Description: Attempts to keep his cool as much as possible but teaching is a stressful job. When he's landed with Comix as another potential pupil, Lupus' life gets all the more complicated. Is Lupus just what the psychiatrist ordered with regards to Comix? Once Lupus adjusts to his new surroundings things should fall back into place... Lupus teaches at the school which his nephew Peep attends.

Name: Peep (the pup)
Description: Multi talented but very secrative - seldom feels the need to speak, Peep is Living with Lupus due to problems at home, but do they become any less now that he's moved away?

Name: Lady (Wolf Lady)
Description: Originally the token "sexy female" character for those of you who need/would like one. Lupus' partner and currently seeking employment. Lady is not easily thrown, and often manages to keep her head better than Lupus. She is strong and stubborn, but smart and caring - she does enjoy the odd joke with Comix...

Name: Meo (kitty)
Description: Meo attends some of Peep's classes and instantly befriends him when he joins the school. While as a couple they have a lot going for them, there's just too much of a conflict in personality which prevents them from having a serious relationship. Being cat and dog can also cause some hair-raising moments...

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